Steering Committee

Monica Borgatti, Ph.D.

Monica Borgatti received the degree in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technologies from University of Ferrara in 1999 (magna cum laude). She obtained the Ph.D. degree in Biotechnology at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Ferrara University in 2004. She worked as Post doc (2004-2011) and Assistant Professor in Biochemistry (2011-2015) at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and at the Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, University of Ferrara. Since 01/03/2015 she has been working as Associate Professor in Biochemistry at the Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, University of Ferrara.

Her teaching experiences include the following courses: Structural Biochemistry (2005-2011), Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine (2013), Cellular and Biomolecular Therapies (2014), Environmental Biochemistry (2015-date), Biochemical and Recombinant DNA technologies (Cellular and biochemical technologies) (2016-2017), Molecular Biology (2017-date), Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2020-date).

In the June 2003 she gained the Interuniversity Consortium for biotechnology (CIB) Young Researcher prize.

She is author of 174 publications with h-index 36, total citations 3782, total impact factor 605,687. Complete list in researcher unique identifiers: 0000-0001-8470-2496 (ORCID ID); G-2611-2015 (Research ID); 7003682206 (SCOPUS ID).

She is member of the Medical Sciences and Biotechnology PhD, University of Ferrara, Italy (from 2013), Director of the Center of Biotechnology, University of Ferrara, Italy (from 2018) and Coordinator of Biotechnology Course at University of Ferrara (from 2020). She is member of the Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SIB).

She is member of the Editorial Board of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics, Molecular Diagnosis & Therapy.

She is invited reviewer for Biomaterials, eCAM, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Nutrition Research, Pharmaceutical Biology, Natural Product Research, Human Immunology, Cell & Cellular Life Sciences Journal, Scientific Reports, PlosOne, Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine Reports, Journal of Clinical Pathology, Journal of Cancer, Journal of Medicine and Life, RSC Advances.

She has been the Principal Investigator for research projects funded by Ferrara University, Italian Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation, Ministery of Health-Italy, Chiesi Foundation- Italy. Current research topics: analysis of anti-inflammatory molecules for cystic fibrosis and BPCO; investigation of signaling pathway and secretomic profile in Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome and cystic fibrosis; non coding RNA (microRNAs and lncRNAs) modulation as innovative therapeutic strategy in hemoglobinopathies and cystic fibrosis using antisense strategies based on PNA; read-through strategy for the treatments of genetic rare diseases caused by nonsense mutations; identification of novel compounds as HbF inducers for β-thalassemia and sickle cell disease; non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of single point mutations causing genetic diseases  using advanced technologies (biosensors, droplet digital dPCR).